Monday, 15 December 2014

Buy Nothing Saturday #2

Accomplished without incident!

However what was a restriction in one part of my life became an over-indulgence in another. We were invited out for both lunch and dinner on Saturday, the 13th. The family gathering at lunch had me exerting more control than I have in a good while when it came to food. Then there was dinner where again I had to temper my appetite - I repeated the mantra - Nothing tastes as good as losing 10 pounds feels. You see I gained 8 pounds in 6 months while in France.

Psychologically I am setting myself up for failure. Apparently if one imposes too many restrictions upon oneself, it is easier to lapse into old habits. Buy Nothing Saturday is working for me now but I can see myself changing it to another day when I take on another teaching contract. My Black Friday resolution to have a weekly Buy Nothing Day will be easy to maintain I am sure!

My second resolution was to be more analytical with the contents of my closet and donate clothing whenever I want to buy something new. I can see this as being more difficult. In fact I was looking to buy something and changed my mind because I realized that I had not perused my closet nor did I make a decision of what I would put in the donation bin. As well the articles I was looking at did not comply with my third resolution. 

The third resolution was to not buy anything "Made in China" or other countries with questionable labour practices. This may be the most difficult! I need to look at this with a more analytical eye and take a survey of what percentage of the clothing that I look at is actually made offshore. Almost all I would bet! But that's another post.


  1. Relaxing in Kelowna16 December 2014 at 10:42

    So many resolutions, and difficult ones, but so little time! I am impressed with your resolve to date. # one will be easier than you think, once the habit is formed, but two and three may prove to be less manageable. My husband talks about ones' psychic energy being weighed down by holding on to things too long, or worrying about those things that can't be changed, and how terrific it feels to let those things or thoughts go. Think that is where I am going to hang my hat for the next little while: improving my psychic energy! Keep on the path JoyD!

    1. "Psychic energy" hmmm? - coming from a person of a particular age, any age, I'm impressed. But you are right about 2 and 3 being the most difficult. The second will be determined by my procrastination and hesitation to give up things that I may believe are classic. However, if I don't buy because I don't want to give something up, then I don't buy and I don't accumulate more. I have started to look at labels and that too indicates difficulty for number 3. What would happen if I didn't buy anything new in 2015? I can't imagine!


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