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Jewellery Trends Fall 2014

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Choices: All the Big Stuff

10 Observations of What's Happening with Jewellery for the Fall of 2014 

1. Jewellery is still big! It's been that way for a good while now - at the very least, 5 years and going on 7 since I've been keeping track.

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2. For the fall of 2014, chains are still big! In the designer collections, Michael Kors has big links, no not big, but giant links in his accessory collection for fall, 2014. Even at Chanel the pearls were still there, albeit with hanging tassels, but the chains were dominant. Even Swarovski is showing big links.

3. Over the past few seasons, we have layered bracelets and necklaces in multiples, but fall 2014 has us wearing rings in multiples - one for every finger! Pick a colour and then quadruple the same coloured stone on each of your fingers. This was the "tendance" at Dior.

4. Balman is still showing chandelier earrings which makes me think that, if you like it, wear it and never mind the trends. Ralph Lauren is also showing them, not much different, but he's calling them pendant earrings.

5. Pendants on necklaces and bracelets - aka - charms and anything dangling are still going strong. This has been a favourite way for women to create a "signature" for themselves. I know a woman who loves keys as her pendant of choice, another hearts, a third has chosen the butterfly and so it goes. If you're  interested in making that kind of a statement this could be the year to do it.

Whereas in past years we saw key pendants with no locks, now the locks abound, especially at Chanel. As the Fall 2014 Chanel fashion show progressed the locks and links became bigger.

6. Tribal necklaces are still appearing and I believe will be a perpetual occurrence.

7. Crystal necklaces in the same tone as the clothing you are wearing.

Keys to My Heart
Asymmetrical heart and keys earrings created by JoyD.
Photo by JoyD.
8. Here we go again - "grunge revisited" and punk nail earrings - ear nails - accompany Versace on the runway. Also showing in this genre was a single big earring on one ear. If that's too radical, I can see an asymmetrical look happening for those a little less adventuresome but still daring.

Statement Turquoise Necklace created by JoyD.
Photo by JoyD.

9. Oscar de La Renta is touting big turquoise pieces - turquoise too can become a fashion signature.

Multiple bracelets camouflage my watch and medic-alert bracelet.
Photo by JoyD.

10. Oversized cuffs - been there, done that, still doing it and will do it as long as I am able. Speaking of fashion signatures, I think this has become mine. 

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