Sunday, 18 May 2014

Cool Spring

The cool spring is leaving its effects on the Victoria Day weekend and also on the design process for my jewellery-making. Those who go to "the lake" are happy to be opening their summer homes but are slightly disappointed as they gaze upon the ice that still is lingering on the banks. And so it has been with me this spring.

I entered the season without a clear idea of where I was going in my jewellery-making. I searched online for the definitive collection that would represent Spring 2014 and inspire me but couldn't find what I was looking for. After six years of making jewellery, I have developed my own style and have found clients for whom this style resonates. When I try to be more "commercial", I am not always happy with the results, even if the cash register rings more often. But then again, I don't rely on sales to make a living. Presently the few shows in which I have chosen to participate, allow me to buy more unique and expensive component parts. The consequence is that I am then able to maintain this jewellery-making habit and in doing that, I am a happy jewellery maker - much like the happy camper on a cool spring weekend.

Off centre open neck choker (Spring, 2014) made by JoyD.
This off centre open-neck piece was one of the first to sell at a fundraiser where I set up shop last week. The large wooden beads strung on memory wire, offset the weight that semi-precious stones would add. I like this design and it just may become a signature piece for me.

The fundraiser was a success for all concerned and I am always grateful to those who give me an opportunity to display my wares and to those who buy my pieces. For the privilege to show my jewellery, I donated a piece made with Chinese dyed coral for the silent auction.

Big, bold and red is always a great combination for sales and so next season, instead of looking for online inspiration, I'll stick to my own creative inclinations.


  1. Relaxing in Kelowna19 May 2014 at 12:26

    This is a beautiful piece, JoyD! It will look terrific on a long and slender neck! You never need to look to others for ideas, as yours are more interesting and "off the grid", which makes the wearer know she has a one of a kind item, not to be seen on others. Keep listening to your own creative inclinations!

    1. Thank you. You are most kind. Intuitively I know that ;-) and I would have given the same advice if someone was contemplating this issue as I did. However, I needed someone else to say it. Thanks again.


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