Monday, 24 March 2014

For Isabel

Rose Quartz Y-Necklace by JoyD
for Isabel, March, 2014.
I was asked to design a piece for a fundraiser for a young family who recently welcomed a second daughter into their lives. With her first breaths, she faced some heart wrenching physical challenges. And so family and friends got together to help alleviate some of the future burdens that money may be able to solve. Thank you to Debbie from Calgary who generously bid on and now owns the piece, which was part of the silent auction.

I decided to use rose quartz since it is considered the heart or mothering stone and is associated with unconditional love. Although I tend to be skeptical about such things, I embraced the ideas that rose quartz radiates the soothing energies of tenderness, compassion and healing, which help dissolve fear and circulate loving vibrations. No matter the medium, these are the thoughts I wanted to send to Isabel and her family.


  1. Relaxing in Kelowna24 March 2014 at 12:39

    Curious, and more curious still: as I open your blog I find myself wearing my own rose quartz earrings my daughter made for me years ago. What made me put them on today, when I have not worn them in several years? Coincidence? Maybe. My prayers go out to Isabel and her family. May God's grace shine upon them. And the piece you created is beautiful by the way!!!

  2. Some things are intuitive, especially a mother's vibration between her and her children. Maybe your daughter was thinking about you, or said something like so what would my mom do in this situation and maybe by putting on the earrings . . . .I can't believe I just wrote that. Although I do believe when someone needs positive healing energy, it flows in their direction from somewhere, from everywhere.


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