Monday, 13 January 2014

2014 Casual: Separates and Flats

Closet Analysis: Mix & Match Your Separates

Photo Source: Glamour Magazine UK
Ines de la Fressange, former French model and present-day author, is featured in this photo wearing my most favourite casual look - skinny pants/jeans/or bootcut, simple shirt/t-shirt, blazer and flats/either shoes or boots/although heels are certainly an option. Whether male or female you can never go wrong at work (at least at most work places) or going to the market on Saturday. Love it, love it, love it.

When you organize your closet you have a greater overview of what you have and what you can mix and match. The following process will help you see the big picture of what you already own and be better able to mix and match:

1) Group your separates into similar item groups. Tops/t-shirts/blouses/shirts/pullovers are organized first into colours. Once in their colour category, organize from sleeveless to longsleeved. Now organize your pants/jeans/skirts and jackets/cardigans/blazers in relatively the same way.

2) Bring all your flats/shoes/heels out and position them under the clothing you have organized. 

3) Hang all scarves, jewellery, belts and other accessories in a common area for easy access.

Now you're ready to bring it all together. If you do only steps 1 to 3, deciding what to wear in the morning will be easier. However if you take an afternoon or evening to play around with step 4, dressing becomes a pleasure and not a pain.

Valet Photo by JoyD.
4) Using a valet stand or your bed with a neutral background, you can begin styling your outfits. Choose a pair of pants and place them on the valet or at the edge of the bed. With the pants hanging over the edge, place the blazer open above the waist of the pants and add the top. Lay your accessories in an arc, over the clothing, on the bed. Place the shoes on the floor adjacent to the bed. Now play. Put pieces together that you would never think to actually wear. You might surprise yourself. 

The following example is a safe bet but it is difficult to break particular habits. I'm talking about myself now and I am trying; however, first I have to play at being more adventuresome. And maybe I will never get to the point of actually wearing orange and turquoise out in public.

Photo by JoyD.
5) Example: grey blazer with red/burgundy pin stripe, grey pants, grey heels, red sleeveless tank  - bring those colours together in a scarf or statement necklace. This vertical monochromatic look is always appropriate for those of us who are height challenged but adding a pop of colour and an accessory that brings it all together makes the look your own. 

Perhaps trying unconventional colour combinations should be a style resolution for 2014. It is a challenge for me.

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