Friday, 24 August 2012

Keywords that Brought You Here in August, 2012

Those who blog, particularly about clothing and fashion, might find today's post informative since it reviews the key words that brought visitors to my blog during August, 2012.

Linen searches were strong in July but tapered off during the first week in August and declined progressively. 

Short Shorts
The greatest number of visits was initiated through "short shorts" searches. In fact, the phrase, "short shorts" has brought more visitors to my blog, since I began writing in February 2012, than any other search phrase. It seems that "short shorts" has not only a fashion connotation but perhaps a sexual one as well. Therefore, variations on the theme were "short shorts for women" and "fat girls in short shorts" - I won't go there . . . A few visitors even took the time to comment since my post, titled Questionable Attire: Short Shorts, could be viewed as being a tad judgmental. It appeared that a heated debate might have begun in the comments to that post but it dissipated after a couple of exchanges. There was even a comment, which I chose not to publish, linking to a rather questionable website. If you want to visit such sites, you'll find your way; this blog does not need to be an intermediary.

That interest appears to be a specific "fascination" with that particular look. It reminds me of the movie "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?" when Gilbert's (played by a much younger Johnny Depp) obese mother made a rare journey into town to rescue her mentally challenged son, Arnie (played by a much younger Leonardo DiCaprio) and to admonish the police officer who jailed him. The small-town crowd that gathered, snickered, jeered and at best, turned away when they saw her walking back to the car. Their fascination was uncomfortable and also reprehensible for me. I feel that same discomfort when I see the various "fat girls in short shorts" search phrases. To each his own.

Comfortable Casual
Interestingly, the term, "comfortable casual" brought quite a number of visits to the blog. Although it is not a "recognized" term in the standard acknowledgements of clothing and apparel, it might be developing as such.

Your searches are asking,
What is comfortable casual?
What does "comfortable casual" mean?
What is comfy casual attire?
Casual vrs. comfortable casual
Define comfortable casual in clothing
Comfortable casual workclothes

With the number of hits my blog has received over the past three months, it very well could become a recognized classification. When a significant number of people use the term and agree to its definition, it is essentially a category or classification. As far as who originated the term "comfortable casual", I have no idea; it wasn't me. I did provide my definition on my May 7th, 2012 post, but I can't imagine that I would have been the first to do so either.

Knee-Length Shorts  
The knee-length shorts post was also well attended over the summer months although not anywhere near the number "short shorts" brought.

Packing for a Two-Week Visit to Europe
August experienced a higher interest in travel and thus more hits on my travel posts.

For bloggers who visit, and if you have the time to comment, what search words and phrases are bringing visitors to your blogs?

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