Monday, 23 July 2012

Knee-Length Shorts at Work & Play

A Casual Summer Work Choice

Closet Content Analysis: Knee-length Shorts

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July and August temperatures, along with a more relaxed attitude in the summer, provides the perfect environment for wearing shorts to work. Depending on your work location, women will find it easier to look professional in shorts than men. Whatever blazer, blouse and shoes you wear with a skirt, you can wear with knee length shorts.

NO THANKS: Since shorts, essentially, take the place of a skirt, short shorts at work would be considered inappropriate in the same way as a very short skirt.

NICE: Several years ago I bought an Alain Manoukian linen suit including blazer, matching knee-length shorts and trousers in a charcoal-blue colour in Romans, France. That suit served me well at work in the summers when I was a Size 12. I took it to to a consignment store where I received pennies on the dollar but considering how much I wore it, the cost per wear was also probably pennies.

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 A pair of "walking" length shorts that hit just above the knee in a slim fit with a blazer and a lightweight sleeveless cotton, silk or linen top provides the flexibility to look professional with a client or to remain cool when working at your desk. The key to wearing shorts to work is the length and the coordinating tops, structured blazer or unstructured jacket and flat traditional shoes, espadrilles, sandals, or even heels if you feel like it. Keep any shorts, shorter than just above the knee for casual summer outings. Heels with shorter shorts and really short shorts may be effective on the runway but not anywhere else in real life. 

NOTE-WORTHY 1: I bought an unstructured "offwhite" cotton jacket, no buttons, and a pair of matching shorts in Greece, which again I can no longer wear because I have down-sized in respect to my body size. The matched set is here with me in France and I can wear the jacket, which now provides an "oversized" look, but I never have worn as such. The shorts are still "work" shorts, but in a whole different way - gardening, painting, . . .

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NOTE-WORTHY 2: Wear the same styled shorts with flip flops and a gauzy summer top and you will be dressed for the beach.

NEED: I have this length in white, beige and black therefore unless I get them on sale at a really good price, I don't need anymore knee-length shorts.


  1. That is really interesting. You are a very talented blogger.Really looking forward to read more.

  2. Nice blog. I appreciate your work. I love to wear shorts. Although knee-length shorts can make short legs look shorter, It's easy to balance it out with a pair of wedges for extra leg length. Thanks for sharing this blog with us.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. And you are absolutely right! I'm at 5'2" and for the most part feel most proportioned with "walking shorts", those that fall halfway between hip and knee. However, for work or in place of a skirt, I often did wear knee-length shorts with a wedge or casual heel, for the balance.

  3. It is easier than you think to be affected by women's clothing today, some of us may not even realize we are being influenced; fashion is everywhere we look nowadays. Womens knee length skirts are the most current pattern for the casual look.


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