Bracelets by JoyD

Single & Multi-Strand Bracelets 

The photos you see here are examples of single and multi-strand bracelets. Bracelets were the beginning of my jewelry making passion in 2008.

Multi-strand silver and black chains with retro orange ceramic beaded strand. April, 2012.

Multi-strand 4 burnished gold chains with a turquoise strand. March, 2012.

Silver charms purchased in Greece on stretch stainless coils. 2008

Variety of glass charms, some from Italy, on stretch stainless coils. 2008

Silver and glass charms, Canadian purchased components, on stretch stainless coils. 2008


  1. The retro orange and turquoise with the chains look a little heavy for my taste but I like the idea of stacking the single charm bracelets. NICE.

    1. There's a bracelet style for everyone! Thank-you for the reflection.

  2. I always wonder where you get inspired from to come up with such original and great looking bracelets? What is the secret?
    I love jewelries in general, but bracelets are my weak point. I have a large collection home, and can not stop myself to collect them.

    1. Thank you for your interest. My creative process: peruse websites and print magazines and pay attention to pieces in retail outlets to determine the most popular styles for a particular time frame, start sorting colour combinations in my "stash" of beads, stones and metals, begin arranging them in different patterns, stare at the components for days, make some decisions and then assemble.

      Give the same materials to 10 different jewellery designers and you will get 10 different pieces.


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