Sunday, 16 December 2018

Christmas-Themed Clothing and Accessories - No Thanks

Call me what you want - kill-joy, stick-in-the-mud, party-pooper, wet-blanket, fuddy-duddy, spoil-sport, fossil, old fogey - I am unlikely to change my mind about this. 

Novelty clothing and accessories are For Children Only

No Thanks - For Adults

For anyone who is old enough to vote or to legally imbibe, novelty clothing items and accessories, including sweaters, t-shirts, leggings, socks and headgear, no matter the holiday, are a waste of yarn, fabric, thread, labour, energy and money. 

A visit to my doctor's office requires me to check-in with the receptionists before I make my way to the waiting room. Approaching a middle-aged woman with an oversized sequinned bow in red, green and silver, fastened onto a headband makes her look ridiculous and does not bring a smile to my face, just a sense of pity. Before attending to my request for a copy of my blood test results, she excused herself to right the headband gone awry. As she stood up, her leggings were reminiscent of children's pyjamas fully illustrated with Santa Claus and a red-nosed reindeer. A woman, no matter what the age should not be wearing form-fitting leggings with a smiling Santa on one cheek, saluting, a reindeer on the other cheek. The other receptionist limited her holiday accessories to a pair of snowman earrings. As I waited for the receptionist to align her headband and pull up her leggings, I felt an overwhelming sense of sympathy for those who believe they are adding to someone else's happiness by allegedly being cheerfully dressed. For this woman, save the get-up for your family. Don't worry about my happiness.

One could debate that the novelty clothing worn during designated holidays make for a more relaxed environment in the more intense places of business or service. I really do understand this choice in hospitals, particularly children's wards. But for me there is something slightly disconcerting when someone with a reindeer antler headband is smiling inanely while taking someone's blood pressure.

My doctor's assistant was dressed in nurse's garb that was Christmas themed but not obtrusive or offending. Her classic top was made from a print fabric with tiny blue and white Christmas ball ornaments. The print was muted and could have been flowers or birds or hearts or whatever . . . it was acceptable and for a novelty top, in good taste.

I don't have to post any photos or guide you online to the multitude of novelty clothing and accessory items, in both acceptable and unacceptable forms, since Mr. Google will help you if you want to have a look-see.

Although I acknowledge the other side and even empathize, I'm still sticking with my bah-humbug attitude when it comes to novelty apparel.

This might be a good place to share if you have examples of the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to novelty clothing and accessories.