Friday, 11 August 2017

August to October Trip to France

Clothing is the least of my concerns.

2017 has had a couple of blips in my life, more my husband's life and there have also been several blips in our friends' lives. It has been a very unsettling year. However through hope meditation and a focus on being well, we are dealing with it and as part of the dealing with it, we are attempting to resume something of our normal life. That includes spending time in our house in France. This year it will only happen for 3 months, not 6 and those 3 months include summer and fall.

With each trip, I vow that I will only take a carry-on but it hasn't happened yet. This time we are travelling through the United States and I would like to limit what I take and make sure that none of it is questionable. There are some health food supplements, protein powder, chaga mushroom tea and ground hemp hearts that are innocent but could be questioned and although there is definitely not a problem, it seems that airport security is not always consistent. That being said, protein powders have been confiscated. I suppose the worse that could happen is that they take it as they did from a friend who was entering Australia. Aggravating perhaps but not unbearable. I don't think I'll have a problem, after all, I am in transit. The "but" is that the agent will ask me about food and I will have to say yes and . . . well, you get the picture. I think I will just wait and buy what I need in France.

So you can see that clothing is the least of my concerns on this trip. I have a summer wardrobe there already and a couple of pairs of jeans and trousers, along with a blazer or two, should get me through the cooler autumn weather. Or as a friend reminded me, "If money can solve the problem, you have no problem." - Ain't that the truth - just ask me this year.

Of course, I can buy whatever I might need however that conflicts with my downsizing efforts this year and I can just imagine myself thinking that I shouldn't buy something because I have one, albeit halfway round the world.

That was a fairly long-winded preamble to my fall travel list to France but the following list might help you plan a two week vacation to Europe over September and October. The weather is usually pleasant on the continent, even summery by cold weather climate standards.

Travelling to Europe in the Fall
The Basics

Clothing to pack for September and October (I am making an assumption that underclothing is included and your choice, although it is not part of my list - I once received an email admonishing me for not listing underwear.)

  • 2 pairs skinny jeans: blue and black
  • a coloured blazer that can be worn with the jeans or that matches a dress or skirt that you also are taking
  • an LBD (aka little black dress or a little beige dress  - add a scarf or sinature necklace to change it up a bit - although that is only for you, no one else cares)
  • 4 to 5 tops of varying weights - mornings and evenings can be cool, although afternoons can be summer-like. Make sure they are hand-washable.
  • a cashmere shawl (to use as a blanket on the plane and to use for cooler evenings)
  • flat walking shoes
  • a dressy flat or heels
  • walking shorts - style and length will depend whether you are mostly in the country or the city
  • hiking or running shoes but only if hiking and walking is part of your itinerary - I won't bother listing those items specific to any hiking, running or sport activity since you know what you need better than I.
  • a longer gortex jacket or rain gear of some kind
  • a small purse for going out at night
  • a carry all whether purse, backpack or some other bag for long days 

That's a good start but I can guarantee you that you will want to take more. Curb your enthusiasm. 

Oh yes and take photos of your contents particularly if you are a designer kind of gal or guy; you never know, your bag could be the one lost.