Saturday, 3 June 2017

To Consign or Not to Consign

I am downsizing. I know, you are going to ask me, "Again or still?"

My dilemma is the higher end objects and clothing that I have are the most difficult with which to part. Although last week I did sell a Coach wallet and was satisfied with what I got. Here's the thing, dealing with a consignment store obligates you to a 50/50 split and if the clothing, bags, or shoes are not sold, they are then donated to a charity. I've done that and I always seem to feel "ripped off". At the same time, what good are those items taking up closet space for months, actually years? I have tried to sell on my own and in a way I am no farther ahead than dealing with the consignment store. Those perusing Kijiji are not looking to spend more than they would at a consignment store therefore the seller must compromise. Selling at a garage sale is worse. People want to pay pennies and even if things are priced low, they still haggle. Been there, done that. That was my experience with the Coach wallet and although I was satisfied with what I got, I have thought that I should have asked for more. I guess I'm not much of a sales person. 

I need to be convinced. I would love to read  any consignment store or reselling stories. 

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