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ITSO . . . In the Style Of . . . Katharine Hepburn

Dressing up is a bore. At a certain age, you decorate yourself to attract the opposite sex, and at a certain age, I did that. But I'm past that age. 
- Katharine Hepburn

Yet in a People interview with Jane Fonda on Katharine Hepburn, Fonda recalls many comments about perception, mainly other peoples' perceptions. Hepburn said to Fonda, when the two worked together in the movie, On Golden Pond, "You never could’ve made it back then,". It must have taken Fonda aback; however Fonda did not demonstrate any annoyance . . . 

She taught me that self-conscious isn't necessarily bad, that it's important to be aware of how you present [yourself.], . . . Not just in what you have on and how you look, but your presentation as a human being in all levels was important. 
- Jane Fonda 

My chosen quote by Hepburn represents two different ways of thinking and time frames, whereas, Fonda's recollection comes directly from a Hollywood setting. One can conclude that the realistic Hepburn in Hollywood was aware of perception, even though she seemed to be rather rebellious when it came to adopting man-style shirts and pants into her wardrobe in 1940.

There are many who have been inspired by Katharine Hepburn's style. GlamAmorin a 2012 post, does a beautiful pictorial overview of Hepburn's Cinema Collection and her influence on the adaptation of menswear for women's styles.  If you would like to refine the look for yourself in 2017, make sure you include the following top 6 ways to adopt and adapt the style of Katharine Hepburn in your closet . . . 


Photo Source: GlamAmor
1.  Collared button down shirts in white particularly, and in pastel pale stripes such as blue, beige, yellow, pink and white on white.

2. Blazers, whether fitted or oversize proportioned to your size, are in basic dark colours. "Oversize proportioned to your size" means that shoulder seams, sleeve length and body length are in proportion to your height and size, albeit with a loose body cut.

3. Flats, classic loafers, in every colour, whether suede, smooth or textured leathers.

4. Trousers, not just pants, but classically cut trousers, that are loose-fitting. They should be fitted at the waist, wide through the leg (but not too wide), and have pockets. In the 1940s she chose the classic colours primarily found in the men's department such as shades of camel, brown, grey and black.

5. Simple Jewellery was her choice since the pants provided the statement during a time when allegedly fashionable women chose dresses and skirts. Diamond stud earrings and a single strand of pearls seem to be all she wanted or needed.

. . . 6. As she got older, the turtleneck was worn under or replaced the button-down shirt.

How are you adapting the Katharine Hepburn style?

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