Friday, 13 January 2017

Sophie (and Justin)

With a new American first lady about to make her way into the White House on January 20th, 2017 (or maybe she won't want to live below her means), it will be interesting to see how she fulfills the role and what she will be wearing as she does it. The wife of the prime minister of Canada does not have the duties imposed upon her that the "first lady" of the United States does. Even though there are no official duties "required" of her, there are expectations and she does not have a support staff to help her as does her American counterpart. If Sophie wants to be philanthropic, she has to manage the three kids and make her own arrangements. She has been criticized by the press for alluding to the fact that she is not given extra support. Expectations are high for both roles but the management is quite different. 


Sophie Gregoire Trudeau has a beautiful, natural and well-respected presence on the international stage and it is reassuring, from a fashion blog perspective, that she has also taken to promoting Canadian designers (in the same way Kate Middleton has in the UK). In fact back in March of 2016 when the Trudeaus were hosted by the Obamas, both women wore Canadian designs to the state dinner. Michele Obama wore a gown by Jason Wu, who grew up in Vancouver and Sophie wore a design by Lucian Matis. 

Photo Source: Global News

The Trudeaus have style and when I am at social events in France, there is always someone who comments on their good looks, their style and their relationship. One Belgian even said to me, "you should be proud" and I guess I was and am. 

So what is Sophie wearing?

2012, before Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister

The Trudeaus. Photo Source: HuffingtonPost

2015, Sophie in Erdem Moralioglu when Justin Trudeau was sworn in as Prime Minister

Photo Source: Huffington Post
2016, at the Canada Day celebrations - How can you not love her? By the way, the red jumpsuit is a design by Lucian Matis . . . again . . . nice.

Photo Source: Huffington Post
There are many beguiling photos of her online and it's worth the time to search for "Sophie Gregoire Trudeau and Canadian designers" to see what she is wearing. Have fun!

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