Friday, 21 October 2016

How Do You Lose a Dress?

My Favourite LBD. Photo by JoyD.
How did I lose my LBD? The last time I wore my little black dress was at the beginning of July on the last night of the river cruise. My husband, who always does a once over as we are leaving hotel or guest rooms, would have noticed a dress. I packed. Surely, I would have noticed. This was not a scarf that fell behind a piece of furniture or a pair of underpants tangled in the sheets. However, I don't know where it is.

Yes, this has happened to me before. Travelling between two homes doesn't help. Yet my husband is not convinced that I have "lost" my dress. 

"Have you checked the foyer closet?"

My response was neither yes or no because in fact, I hadn't checked the foyer closet. I replied with a question, "Why would I have put it in the foyer closet when I was unpacking? I unpacked my suitcase in the bedroom, I would have put it in my closet." He didn't offer any further explanations or suggestions.

Concluding that surely I had left my LBD somewhere in my June and July travels, I began planning a replacement purchase. 

LBD. Photo Source: Unknown
It should be easy to replace it or maybe not. I do have particular criteria.

1. Length - as in the photo here, it should just graze the top of the knee to be the right proportion for my height.

2. Neckline - the last LBD had a simple round neckline with a 5 cm centre slit. This time, I think I will again look for a simple round neck  or perhaps a v-neck

3. Syle - I definitely want a narrow sheath; Not a wrap as in the photo, not a full skirt, and not an A-line.

That's it, that's all. It should be easy.

It became easier. In preparation for returning to Canada, I was sorting through the things in the foyer closet and there it was.

"Is that it?" I heard over my shoulder.

"It is. I found it." There was no I told you so. He's like that. 

"Good. Are you still planning to buy another black dress?"

"It might be a good idea. After all, just in case I do lose it, I'll have one ready and waiting."

"Bon idée." That's why we are still married after all these years.

I no longer "need" to plan a buying trip for a little black dress. 



  1. Relaxing in Kelowna22 October 2016 at 16:54

    Ha ha ha!! "That's why we are still married after all these years." Ha ha ha!! What a guy!! :)

  2. As I started reading this I thought I was reading a mystery story about the LBD. With each line I had different thoughts about what might have happened to it. In the end, if you do in-fact find it, it's always in the last place you looked.

    1. Fortunately or perhaps unfortunately, it was, in fact, in the foyer closet - where my husband told me to look in the first place. So it was not lost. I do find myself wondering where in the world - Canada or France - some of my clothes are. This only can be followed up with a shrug and the assertions that these "lost" things will show up.

  3. Bien sur c'est une bonne idee. Although like Brian, I wondered what happened happened to the dress and was concerned that as soon as you "needed" a replacement, you would have no luck finding one to your specifications - there would always be something wrong or not quite as perfect as the lost LBD. Now that it has been found, rest assured you will find the perfect replacement. My mother has a rule, buy the dress when you aren't looking for one because the occasion where it will be the perfect outfit will always materialize at some point in the future. If you are TRYING to find something, nothing will ever be right and you will end up purchasing a mediocre outfit.

    1. All of what you wrote is true and your mother is wise. I have "lost" other pieces of clothing in the past and in fact, have not so much "lost" it as simply forgot where I put it. Like I wrote, going between two places doesn't help. However, it is funny . . . when you believe something is lost, it is lost and you cannot find it. Then when you are not thinking of it at all, it somehow reappears. Our perceptions of "what is" can be a frightening phenomena.


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