Friday, 29 July 2016

Sale Shopping While on Vacation

Closet Content Analysis: Lucky Finds


Two pairs of shoes, 1 dress, 1 pair of cropped jeans, 1 striped sleeveless blouse, 4 waffle weave cotton dressing gowns/bath robes (for me, my husband and 2 for the guest room), 1 Amor-Luxe pullover, 1 very cheap blue t-shirt and a royal blue Lancel purse will be making their way into my closet on Rue Onesime Reclus. Blue, white and denim appeared to be my theme for the summer sales. Even though I do buy in colour blocks, this was unplanned, which proves that habit plays a role in the purchases we make. The purchases began in Bratislava, took a stopover in Germany and ended in Romans-sur-Isere.

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It is now the end of July and officially the end of the July sales however shops still have residuals left that may be clearing out at 70% or more off. I keep looking but nothing strikes my fancy and I really don't need to add anything to my closet.