Sunday, 18 October 2015

Essential Oils in my Closet

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Essential Oil Diffuser
in my closet (Photo by JoyD)
It's just part of the housekeeping strategy, here in the south-west of France, to keep the lavender, both in sachets and on diffusers, fresh and regenerated. I keep sachets of lavender hanging in my closet with my clothing and in the armoire that houses my bed and bath linens. Beds that are not used regularly have sachets of lavender tucked into pillows and duvets. I also add a drop or two of lavender to the clay essential oil diffusers that are in my closet and in my armoires.

Lavender Sachet and Oil Diffuser in my Linen Armoire
Photo by JoyD
Lavender is my oil of choice because it deters insects and the aroma is perfect for bed linens but peppermint was added over the summer when several different types of spiders made their way into the house. Now I know spiders are good since they trap and dispose of insects in a very natural way; however my bedroom is my space and I prefer that they keep to the outside or at the very least the periphery. I would do a spider sweep of corners with peppermint essential oil on the duster and that made them keep their distance.

Now that it is fall their numbers have dwindled but I still do my peppermint spider sweep and keep the lavender refreshed.

Another successful use of peppermint against insects was when I found a few of the tiniest ants in a cupboard this summer. It appears there was a tart tin that was not cleaned properly and the wee smudge of grease was enough to attract the little beasts. I was happy I found them few in number and was able to halt any further progress. Essentially I discombobulated them with peppermint oil. I washed the pans and entire area with a few drops added to the soapy wash water and then left a clay diffuser with peppermint oil in the cupboard. I kept on checking and if I saw any who were following their comrades' paths, I stifled them with more peppermint on a paper towel. After attending to the cupboard diligently for three days, I eradicated the little pests and have not seen any since. Mind you I do look into this seldom used cupboard to see if there are any who are exploring. No food, no greasy smudges, everything spotless clean and the aroma of peppermint has kept them from re-attending. 

I love the idea of keeping everything fresh with essential oils.


  1. Relaxing in Kelowna19 October 2015 at 11:55

    Discombobulated!!! Thumbs up to that! :) I had no idea peppermint oil would handle spiders. Good idea, as we have them here quite frequently, and they are not my favourite quests. Nor are ants! So I will search out some of the peppermint for just such an eradication.
    We have a lovely lavender farm here with many beautiful sachets and so on. I also grow my own lavender, and so will see what I can do next summer when it blooms again. Not only does it smell lovely, it helps to make for a more restful sleep. Sweet dreams!

    1. Yes . . . discombobulated . . . you see, they follow the "scent" or "path" of comrades who have been visiting, this happens with just about every other insect as well; hornets included. At any rate, the peppermint oil does not kill them but rather, may I use that word again, "discombobulates" them so that they are confused. I was the one doing the "killing" as I washed up or "smooched" them with paper towel. Now the spiders, they just go crazy . . . legs a wobble and they scurry away faster than I can react. A few have been overcome by peppermint fumes but at least it was relatively painless; rather than being squashed I suppose.

      I know your lavender farm and it is lovely! I hope to visit you and the lavender shop when I return to Canada.

      If you are awakened during the bewitching hour, somewhere between 3 and 5 and can't get back to sleep, I have discovered vetiver oil; although it is a strong alternative to lavender. It seems to work more effectively for me. I am slowly getting used to the earthy robust scent.

    2. Relaxing in Kelowna19 October 2015 at 18:09

      Thanks for that re the bewitching hour. I do become bewitched at that time now and then; I am not a fan. So I will have a look for that oil. :)


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