Monday, 21 September 2015

What to Pack for a Rainy Long Weekend in London

Closet Content Analysis: Items for a 4-Day Trip  

Choices: Absolute Necessities

NECESSARY          NICE          NO THANKS          

I'm leaving rainy France to visit rainy London. I know, there is something inherently wrong with that picture. However it is a weekend that has been a long planned and awaited event. A good friend from Calgary, Canada will turn 50 and her spouse has planned a rendez-vous (with another couple as well) in London (England that is, not Ontario, Canada). They are "épicurienes", in the same way we are and so of course this weekend will be filled with celebrating, eating, drinking some fine wines to accompany the eating and a little shopping on the side. No sightseeing as such - been there, done that.

Now . . . what to pack? All I have is a carry-on and so I shall only take what is . . . 

NECESSARY: I always pack my North Face jacket and my camel cashmere shawl. Heels and my LBD are also necessary for this trip. One pair of flats to be sure, one pair of jeans, four t-shirts/tops/shirts, a blazer, a rainy-wear 3/4 length coat (to wear with either a dress or pants) and underwear of course. My insulin and paraphernalia, my journal, my passport . . . I'm done. I won't forget the umbrella. As well, I will take absolutely the minimum for toiletries and no electronics - seriously. 

NO THANKS: I'm unconcerned about not having a phone or computer, my real concern is . . . will I be able to manage with one pair of  jeans? 

NICE (Rationalization): I feel I need to take a second pair. The best rationalization is that I shall wear one pair and pack the second pair. So officially I am only taking one pair, albeit one extra pair.

I re-visited my post on what I wore during my four day visit to Spain in the spring and need to add some colour with a scarf or two. Two pairs of jeans, one in black and another in a colour - probably purple, is now very probable after review of my Spain trip.

What are your absolute must have items for a weekend away?

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