Thursday, 19 February 2015

What kind of comfortable?

Comfortable is often associated with casual; but really don't we want comfort in all our clothing whether it be formal, business or casual?

What is the difference between casual and comfortable? Jeans are casual but are they always the most comfortable? Not wearing a tie is considered casual but if everyone else is wearing a tie, how comfortable will you be in that setting? Wearing revealing clothing in the workplace can be terribly uncomfortable. Going to a formal event in a pants and top may be comfortable insofar as ease with which to move but I doubt you would be comfortable in casual clothing in that setting.

As with all debatable points, we need a definition.

Comfort Defined: 

Physical Comfort: no binding or tightness around the waist, chest, thighs, really anywhere on the body; ease of movement

Psychological Comfort: appropriate dress for the occasion

Emotional Comfort: relaxed and happy with what you are wearing

Social Comfort: feeling good no matter who you are with; not feeling self-conscious

Economic Comfort: directly related to occupation and profession combining appropriate dress for the occasion, place and people

Source: Izquotes. Retrieved Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2014
The Comfort Solution: a good fit. There are those who are simply wearing their clothing too small. Perhaps 10 pounds ago their clothing was a comfortable fit but that was 10 pounds ago. A button down tailored shirt can be as comfortable as a sweatshirt as long as it is the right size. This is one of the problems men face when wearing a seldom worn suit to a formal occasion. Very often the collar size is too small on the shirt and he might be trying to get into a suit that he bought five years ago for his sister's wedding. Then they complain that they don't like wearing suits. Most discomfort comes from ill fitting clothing.

Comfort is in the sensory perception of the wearer.
- JoyD

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