Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Resolutions for Fitness & Fashion


I like New Year's resolutions. They allow me to asses what is working in my life and what I could do well enough to dispense with. But I don't only make resolutions on New Year's Day. If you have visited this blog before you know that I have made a Buy Nothing Day resolution on what we know here as Black Friday, that post American Thanksgiving Day sale, which it seems the entire world is now adopting. That one is going well and my only transgression was buying some Salt Spring Island goat cheese for a salad I was making for a dinner party on one Saturday out of four so far. Not bad. Since New Year's often brings wishes of prosperity, I shall retain this resolution and attempt to maintain it for 2015.

Walking with my husband in France. Photo by JoyD.
Yet another resolution that many make is one to do with fitness. This one is evident by the number of gym memberships purchased the first week in January. I start out relatively well and then I move to France and lose complete control of my fitness schedule. Being in France for six months is not an excuse at all but somehow my routine there doesn't include fitness in the same way. I walk, maybe stroll is a better word; but there is no gym membership, and I certainly don't walk enough to make a difference. I now carry four extra kilos that proves my point. Of course, you know where I am going with this . . . 

A fit healthy body - that is the best fashion statement. 
- Jess C. Scott

That statement along with, "nothing tastes as good as losing 5 kilos feels" will complement my fitness goals in 2015.

It takes me a good week to think through and commit to any New Year's resolutions. I wish you well with yours and you might consider commenting, resolving, and coming back to this post to remind yourself of any you might make for this year.

Wishing you happiness, prosperity and fulfilment of your goals in 2015.


  1. Love the picture of your Hubby in France. It's nice to see the architectural difference between places like France and the square boxes we often live in here in Canada.
    Fitness is often top of the list for most people, me included. It's funny how a few extra pounds/kilos can be felt in the fit of our clothes. I've always felt the thing with weight loss in a long term commitment, it doesn't happen overnight and sadly thats what most people want. Instant satisfaction/gratification.
    I say think long term.
    Here's a final thought.
    My Mom always says, "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels."

    Happy New Year.

    1. And it is the fit that is important. I once saw a slim young woman who was wearing pants that were so tight, it appeared as if she had a muffin top above the waistband - of course it was just because her pants were way to tight. That being said when someone wears big floppy stuff, it makes them look even bigger. It's all about the fit in the short term and about the fitness in the long.


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