Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Fall Transition with a Shawl and a Blazer

Transitional Choices

Closet Content Analysis: a Shawl and a Blazer

NICE             NOTE-WORTHY

In Canada, the transition between seasons can be abrupt with shorts and sandal weather morphing into parka and boot weather without much warning. This year, however, the seasonal transition has been lovely with a great fall to ease us into winter and so it has also been here in France. It is the beginning of November and of course there is a crispness to the morning air but the sun shines and shirtsleeve choices can still be made. A denim jacket or a blazer is all I need for covering and if I stay in the sun for a bit, I am taking that off.

Camel shawl over
B&W print blazer
Photo by ShirleyB.
The two transitional clothing items for me in this moderate climate in the south-west of France are my:

NICE: Holt Renfrew cashmere shawl and . . .

NOTE-WORTHY: a blazer.

The shawl has served me well: on the plane, in an overly air-conditioned environment, on a cool summer evening, as a jacket in the fall and to cozy up indoors on a rainy or snowy winter night. The blazer functions in a variety of seasons: with a short-sleeve t-shirt on a coolish summer day or with a long-sleeve silk or cashmere top on a fall to winter day or with a crisp white shirt and wide leg linen pants or skinny jeans. The blazer immediately upgrades the look and the shawl gives an element of individuality.

My friend ShirleyB from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan took the photo as we were walking back to the car after having lunch at La Flambée in Bergerac.

Black and white floral blazer. Photo by JoyD.
Update (Nov.6, 2014): I received a couple of emails asking about the blazer. Here is a more detailed shot of the blazer I was wearing in the photo above. I was also wearing a wide leg linen pair of pants, a white v-neck t-shirt and a pair of black loafers.


  1. LOVE the cashmere shawl, super stylish when worn but also very functional and cozy in various situations.
    Blazers do spice up any outfit or as you said. "Immediate upgrades."

    Looks like your forecast on the transition of Canadian seasons is correct. It's going to be short. Burrrr.

    1. My visa is done in a month and I'll be returning to Canada. I expect that there will be snow on the ground by then. I'm not really ready, wardrobe wise, for a rainy winter anyway. It may be frigid in Canada but at least I have the clothing to accommodate.

  2. Yes you are right, transition can be difficult, love this outfit, very fashionable :)
    Following you now on GFC, No. 17, if you like, you can follow me to,
    would be great :)

    1. Thank you for commenting and following Monika - two things that make bloggers happy. I enjoy visiting your blog because I am a much more conservative dresser and I appreciate those who can "kick it up a notch".

  3. I have two big poncho shawls for faal and winter:) Thanks Brian for visiting my blog, i checked out your Tory Burch flat collection and oh my.. I LOVE IT! You look amazing!

    Have a great weekend!



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