Thursday, 2 January 2014

2014 Style Resolutions

With appreciation to Holt Renfrew and their style resolutions advertising campaign where I borrowed my topic for the day. Some of my resolutions crossover with theirs but if it's a good thing, those ideas must be on more minds than just the people at Holts. My closet and style resolutions for the year:

Layering two rose quartz statement necklaces
by JoyD to make a more significant statement.
1) Wear more statement jewellery whether it be necklaces, earrings or bracelets. Holt Renfrew has also made this one of their style resolutions for 2014. My motivation is twofold since I do design and make jewellery; however I don't ofen wear what I make, since everything is essentially for sale, so this year I have decided to do some blatant self-promotion. On New Year's Eve, I began by layering two rose quartz necklaces with a navy dress that has gold threads running through it. On New Year's Day I wore a filigree cross pendant overlayed on a red Greek cross with flared ends. Wearing this piece made me realize that it would be better, actually updated, if I remade it into a "choker" instead keeping it as a longer pendant necklace. And so this resolution has already proven to be a positive experience even with only two days into it.

Photo Source:
2) Carry a smaller bag. The cross body straps that end in a medium sized clutch makes more sense for the shoulders. I suffer from chronic shoulder pain (from all those years of carrying bags of books) and have not yet learned that a heavy shoulder bag might be the problem. Holts suggests this orange cross body Rebecca Minkoff bag. I probably won't do a rusty orange but this particular bag comes in a variety of colours in addition to the basics. Check the Purseblog, which has a post featuring Rebecca Minkoff cross body bags.

3) Dress up more - another Holt Renfrew resolution that I share. Over the past year, I have spent more time in the same jeans, skinny pants and other comfortable casual clothing than I care to admit. I have clothing that I don't want to get rid of, and so I resolve to dress up more in 2014. New Year's Eve and Day give one the opportunity to turn it up a notch and so this resolution started out well.

4) Take inventory of my clothing to see what can be re-created and updated. My first thought is to have a "mermaid/fishtail" skirt re-made into a pencil skirt. I think there's a post there.

5) Create and follow a clothing budget. Sigh. I'm already not liking this. With this resolution, I need to think more about what I am buying to supplement what I already own and be conscious of how much money I am spending. I'm not a spendthrift but I do like to buy better quality items and so that means more research.

I shall stop at 5 but I welcome any of your clothing or closet resolutions that you may be making for 2014. As far as resolutions go you can make them at any time of the year so I'll be returning to this post often to keep myself on track, check on your resolutions and keep you updated. 

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