Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Pre-Christmas Artisans' Show & Sale

Last Sunday I participated in a pre-Christmas Sale with three other jewellery makers, an artist and a paper origami crafter. It was held in the artist's studio and her pieces provided a most luxurious and beautiful backdrop for our wares. The jewellery makers' products were distinctly different from each other and so with options from varying styles, there was something for everyone.

By the time this picture was taken my display was fatigued from purchases made and products gone, and from two hours of trying on, holding up against and being moved around and about. But having the freedom to try things on, ask opinions and walk around with one designer's piece in hand while looking at others is what makes this by-invitation-only sale so special. 

Joanne (in the blue glasses) enjoying the show and sale with me.
Photo source: http://babyns2ndavenuestudio.blogspot.ca
My work tends to be big, bold, sometimes asymmetric and comprised of mixed media. I combine acrylic with wood and stone, crystals and natural stones, glass beads with metal and plastic, ceramic beads, yarn covered beads with crystals and stone nuggets . . . I buy many of those component parts when I live in France for part of the year and also repurpose vintage pieces. I stare at beads in the same colour tones, then contrasting colours and finally mix them with different metals. I assemble and take apart. Sometimes I just look at the "mess" of components and come up with "something". A sense of "knowing" comes over me when the piece is ready.

Many of the buyers come to jewellery sales such as this one because they are looking for something unique, for something that they won't find at the department stores. My philosophy is that since I am eliminating the vendor, I can pass on better value to my patrons. I can only make so many items and can only attend so many sales and so I suppose I could charge what the market can handle but cash flow is important and presently my goal is to sustain my habit of design and creating and progressively purchase better quality raw materials.

The following photos were taken by Elizabeth, who owns and creates in her studio at 2nd Avenue Lofts. 

Cosmic Fishnet 5 from a Series by Elizabeth Babyn.
Photo source: 

Lorissa, Yvonne and MaryT, the other designers, at the the sale at Babyn's 2nd Avenue Studio.

Inspecting, trying on and deciding went on the entire afternoon. It was then necessary to get cards and boxes from Carolyn when gifts were purchased.


Such a nice way to shop!


  1. That must have been a fun show/sale. Designers that mass produce their jewelry products and put them in department stores and designer boutiques is great, if that's what you're looking for. This sale and your jewelry items are "unique" in that they are "one of." You'll never see anyone else wearing the same piece. I'm sure the people buying your pieces appreciate that. Using your thoughts to create pieces of jewelry must feel amazing, but to see people view your pieces, model them, ask for opinions about how they look and then purchase them must be the ultimate reward for any jewelry maker. Congratulations on a successful sale!

    1. You always know what to say and you hit it right on. Thanks for your thoughts and words of encouragement.


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