Friday, 29 November 2013

Layering Necklaces or Layered Necklaces

Multiple Choices

A Closet Content Analysis: Layering or Layered Necklaces

I get really excited about jewelry.
- Jenna Fischer

You have read about stacking bracelets, bangles and cuffs but have you layered and stacked your necklaces? Do it because jewellery designers and craftspeople are deliberately designing layered necklaces this season.

For the spring of 2013 I designed several necklaces using the same green stone with similar elements for the purpose of layering. However as it turned out, no one bought three or four separate necklaces to layer, they were buying the single necklace design that looked like several necklaces but with only one clasp. Even though the look is heavy, many do not want that heaviness in reality and so I am incorporating a multi-media approach to some of the layered necklaces and also some creative placement. 

For the fall, longer layered necklace along with "chokers" are being made and manufactured by both crafters and high end designers. Some of what I hear when customers are commenting is that if there is too much surrounding the neck, some people have feelings similar to claustrophobia. I wonder if this is one of the reasons more cowl neck sweaters are sold than turtleneck sweaters, but that's another post. 

For the fall and winter 2013-14, pull out all your necklaces and start playing, mixing them up to create a look that will take you through the holiday season. You may surprise yourself with the look you can create with what you already have. The choker may be more difficult to recreate but that's one you can buy to add to your collection.

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