Tuesday, 8 October 2013

What's New in Boots for the Winter, 2013?

We went to the market last Sunday in Issigeac in the south-west of France, a little ways away from Bergerac. My husband wore sandals and I wore boots. Such is the weather here. The fall mornings are cool enough to make you realize that summer is over but it is nice enough during the day to make you want to keep wearing your sandals. Considering I return to Canada for the snow, you would think that I would be acclimatized to cooler weather. The humid overcast coolness here affects me quite differently than the dry sunny bitter cold of Canada. It is the sun more than the cold that affects me. Nonetheless, boots are a common purchase whether here or in Canada.

I bought a pair of boots while I was in Roman-sur-Isere in the south-east of France in September. Before I shopped, I perused the net to find out what is "new" as far as styles goe. 


Was it that long ago that I bought my over the knee boots, that they are back in style again? Or maybe they're still in style? Whatever . . . over the knee boots are supposedly one of the number one styles of boots for the winter of 2013. Of course, no one is discounting knee-high boots and the mid-calf ones are still being shown, the short ankle boots are still around and the dysfunctional bootie shows up again, in my mind, for "show" only. I should not be so harsh. If I were staying in France for the winter, perhaps the bootie would be sufficient; however I am back in Canada and so . . .  do I have to explain myself? So what's new? Maybe nothing. But what are "they" showing in boots for 2013?

1. Over the knee boots - heels or flat

2. Knee high boots - heels or flat; riding boot style still popular

3. Mid-calf boots

4. Ankle boots

5. Booties - grazing the ankle and certainly not snow friendly

. . . some with boot bling at the ankle, some with a simple buckle at the top or at the ankle, some refined and elegant, some revisiting combat grunge. It appears that whatever style you like, it's "in".

I feel like I just described boots over the past 10 years. Elle's Fall Boot Guide illustrates a cross-section of all of the above for 2013.

I settled for knee-highboots with a buckle at the top and at the ankle. Interestingly, there are two zippers - one at the back and one at the inside ankle. I've never had a pair of boots with two zips.

I am pleased with them and I believe they will serve me well over the next two or three winters in Canada or in France.

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