Saturday, 6 April 2013

Tone on Tone Floral

Photo Source: My Wardrobe

Floral Print Compromise

Closet Analysis: Tone on Tone  

If you are adamant that floral prints are not your thing, you may be swayed slightly by tone on tone florals, almost jacquard in style. May I suggest that this floral alternative might turn you to the dark "tone on tone" side.

Here the greys and plums from a JoyD creation mix to maintain the tone on tone, plum and gray theme,.

The choice of top and shoes as presented in the "My Wardrobe" photo is not to my liking. Although these pants look grey, they are apparently "plum" hence the choice for the "pale mauve" top. Irrespective of the colour, there are two ways to go here: adding a pop of colour or the monotone look.

The Monotone or Analogous Look: Analogous colours are those that are side by side on the colour wheel. Keeping the tone on tone skinny pants from My Wardrobe as the example, perhaps the tone is more "plum" than "gray" in real life. No matter, the point here is not so much analogous colours as shades of a colour and so the range moves from the deep plum/gray to lighter shades . . . .as in a particular number of shades of gray. That being said, I am classifying the pale silver pump as a NO THANKS. The darker gray/plum tone pants need a strappy steel gray sandal or ballet flat. If you choose my preference for a monotone look, you must remember, even a monotone choice needs "something".

The Pop of Colour with Complementary Colours: It is difficult for me to go to the other side of the colour wheel when adding colour; yet that's what complementary colours are all about. So with blues, purple or plum, think yellows on the blue side and greens on the plum. Considering green is the colour for 2013, complementing it with purple would be "trendy" but is definitely a stretch in my mind; but then again I have never been known for a colourful closet.

JoyD turquoise three strand necklace; perfect for a colour pop.
However, if green/yellow is the colour wheel complent, and since tone on tone begs for texture differences or a pop of colour, turquoise  could be a conservative choice to the outright bright of green or yellow to complement the purple/plums.

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