Friday, 15 March 2013

Spring 2013: Colours

Last fall's colours blend into spring 2013

Choices: Green or Blue?

Note-Worthy           No Thanks           

Last fall I suggested you buy some t-shirts in colbalt blue, orange and emerald. Aren't you glad you didn't buy head to toe orange? Mind you "tangerine tango" was the 2012 colour of the year as proclaimed by Panetone, a commercial conglomerate dedicated to producing colour for print, fabric and anywhere else colour is needed.

Blue tops purchased on sale in fall, 2012 and winter, 2013
Panetone is calling "emerald" its colour of the year for 2013. This spring, you might want to look for a skirt, baggy Bermuda shorts or pants in the tones of the green top or t-shirt that you bought last fall. But if you were like me, you may have chosen the blue instead and bought a top or two in that colbalt colour last fall.

The Panetone colours for Spring 2013 have been determined as emerald, tender shoots, greyed jade, dusk blue, Monaco blue, African violet, lemon zest,  nectarine, linen, and poppy red. Cobalt blue has been toned down to dusk blue and Monaco blue, a slightly less electrifying shade than colbalt; orange is now nectarine and emerald is still emerald although there are at least two other green tones for the spring: tender shoots and greyed jade. 

Note-Worthy: If the 2013 Academy Awards was any indication, there was a smattering of blue in the "colour" choices within a predominantly pale palette, short of the black and red that is. Nothing "green" stands out. If anything, blue came through more strongly than green. I don't believe that's a big surprise because I believe that, for the most part, blue is easier to wear than green and will "last" longer in your wardrobe. Not that any of these women (or the little girl) would dream to wear any of these dresses again.

Blue Gowns at the 2013 Academy Awards. Retrieved from on March 4, 2013
Note-Worthy & No Thanks: I have purchased greens in the past: a lime green short boxy blazer, a wool "suit" in dark forest green with trousers, and a pale mint green silk suit with baggy pants and a pencil skirt with a blazer. I love that silk suit and it is still in my stash of "old closet stuff" that may once again see the light of day. The jacket and wool suit are also still in my closet but are not appealing enough to try to resuscitate. Of course, I always had something green to wear on St. Patrick's Day. In conclusion, for me, even though I have owned green in the past, it now would be considered a no thanks.

Nice: So what's my choice? It is obvious isn't it. 

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