Saturday, 30 March 2013

No Easter Bonnets in Sight

Closet Content Analysis: No New Clothes for Easter

It's Easter Sunday but it looks more like Christmas Day on the Canadian prairies. 

Easter meant a NEW Sunday best outfit for me when I was little including something for my hair whether a hat or some other such accessory. As I grew into adulthood, I still used Easter as my excuse to buy a NEW spring outfit. The headgear was a frivolity and not something to which I adhered.  Now, the NEW doesn't even enter my mind for a variety of reasons. However, I do "dress-up" if I go to church and always seem a little surprised that perhaps only 20% of the church-goers are in their "Sunday best". I figure I have the clothes so why not? In the same way, others may say, I don't have the clothes, what for?

But it's Easter today and somehow I expected to see more colours rather than the drab winter wear and blue jeans. A couple of years ago while having Easter Sunday lunch on the island of Burano in Italy, every diner, including the little ones, was wearing something in a shade of purple. "Have you noticed . . . " I said to my husband, who in turn responded that he thought it was the light in the restaurant. What a joyful light it was!

I remember the same light-hearted feeling and joyfulness in the air and on the people's backs when we visited Greece at Easter. It's not that the outfits were necessarily new, but they were representative of the season, no matter the weather.

So irrespective of the temperature, put on something from your closet in colours to feel the joy of spring. 

Happy Spring . . . Happy Easter . . . Happy Happy!

Shopping with a Planning Guide

JoyD's Fashion Trends 2013 Closet Planner Chart

If you used this chart in Spring 2012 then you have a list of the items you purchased and can see what you can salvage from last year's trends. Or start anew this weekend when you go shopping.

Specific 2013 Trends

Classic Pieces (with trendy suggestions):

Pants (wide leg)
Capris Shorts
Skirts (pencil, mini, airy maxi - in 2013 structured)
Dresses (floral prints, lace - same advice as 2012)
Blazers/jackets (fitted; tuxedo-style)
Clothing Trend Design:

The following have been retrieved from Elle and Harper's:
Cut outs (arms, midriff, back)
Leather (boxy jackets but not blazers, tops but not pants see the Harper's slides)
Florals, especially pants
Prints mixed with graphics 
Checkerboard, graphic designs and stripes v-necks
tailored shorts
Structured skirting and continuation of the peplum 
head to toe colour
"Cage" graphics
"Eastern" print "Statement" ruffle or frill
Black for formal wear

Stacked bracelets, bangles and cuffs with colourful gems for Spring 2013 
Add a large watch to the stack
Drop earrings (long)
Gypsy-style (folksy with tassels) chandelier earrings
Statement necklaces (oversized pearls a la Chanel)
Large metal chain links
Rose Gold
Statement sunglasses
"Fringe" necklaces & bracelets

Shoes & Bags:

Contrasting black & white elements/sections
Tote/shopping style bags
Transparent inlays for shoes and see-through bags
Gladiator style sandals, shoes & boots
Stacked chunkier heels 

The colour names indicated in this chart were retrieved from the Panetone website on March 30, 2013. The linked page displays the colours for women's and men's apparel for Spring, 2013.



Emerald (Panetone 17-5641) - named colour of the year

Grayed Jade (Panetone 14-6011)

Dusk Blue (Panetone 16-4120)

Tender Shoot (Panetone 14-0446)

Lemon Zest (Panetone 13-0756)

African Violet (Panetone 16-3520)

Linen (Panetone 12-1008)

Monaco Blue (Panetone 19-3964)

Poppy Red (Panetone 17-1664)

Nectarine (Panetone 16-1350)

Make a copy for your personal use but remember copyright applies to  JoyD's Fashion Trends 2013 Closet Planner Chart created for the Closet Fashion Content Analysis blog by JoyD, April, 2012 and it is illegal to reprint it for use commercially in any way except with the permission of the author. Contact

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Skinny Pants for Spring 2013

Choices: Last season's sale items at Holt Renfrew vrs. Costco 

New (Purchased over the last 6 weeks)
Note-Worthy      No Thanks     Need    

I've purchased three pairs of skinny pants in the past six weeks; two were on sale at Holt Renfrew and one pair was a Costco purchase - each in three different Canadian cities. Skinny pants are my alternative to short shorts. As to weather considerations, a loose pair of linen pants or a gauzy lightweight dress/shift would be better in hot weather than short shorts anyway. It's an age thing.

Retrieved from on March 27, 2013.
The dark taupe Theory pair were purchased at Holt Renfrew in Edmonton, Alberta at the sale cost of $149.00 (plus 5% GST) at the beginning of February. The original cost was $225.00. Theory was founded in 1997 by Andrew Rosen in New-York but is now a Japanese owned company. Clothing from Theory has defined "the modern contemporary category". According to the publicity statements, "exceptional fit, high-quality fabrics, and sleek silhouettes for both men and women have made Theory designs go-to staples in stylish closets around the globe". The starting retail prices are about $200.00 for pants. My favourite way of wearing my dark taupe Theory pants through the last of the snow is with a pair of flat knee-high boots and a black lightweight merino wool top. For work I put a black blazer on and it feels perfect.

Retrieved from
on March 27, 2013.
I paid $99.00 (plus British Columbia HST of 12%) for these Leeloo super skinny cropped Hudson "bone white" pair with black side stripe at Holt Renfrew in Vancouver. They were originally priced at $198.00 but I bought them for $99.00 on March 19th. On the Hudson website I found them at a sale price of $119.00. They look more white in this photo than the beige I see in real life.

Nice:  My favourite of the two are the Theory pair. They feel the best, they sit the best and the dark taupe is my new beige. 

Need: I intend to find a floral top or a striped scarf including a matching taupe accent to lighten and brighten the Theory skinny pants for spring, 2013.

Note-Worthy 1:  Even though the cropped Hudson pair don't fit or sit as well as the Theory pair and they feel like they are "falling down" (but of course I only found this out after wearing them for a day), I do like the look. As well because stripes are such a strong trend this spring, I still am glad I bought them. 

Need:  A belt to keep my Hudson Leeloo cropped pants up!

Note-Worthy 2:  I bought a beige pair of skinny pants for a Costco purchase of $24.99. Of all, these are the easiest to wear and certainly fall into that "comfortable casual" category since they have no front or side zippers, except to act as fake pocket closures, and are simply a pull-on. What's note-worthy is that when I wear any one of the three, the "look" is essentially the same. Alfred Sung is a Canadian designer who is responsible for the Club Monaco label (with Saul and Joe Mimran - of Joe Fresh fame).

What shoes to wear with skinny pants: 
Professional stylists tend to put heels with skinny pants and I have done that. In the winter, flat or heeled boots are so perfect but in the summer, the ballet flat is my preference.

Care for cotton based clothing with elasticine or polyesters: 
The Theory label suggests the need for drycleaning. Yet the content of the Theory pants are over 60% cotton with nylon and elasticine. Sticking that drycleaning label on their clothing is a default action to defray any liability for fabric destruction by customers. Essentially they don't trust us to know how to care and clean our clothing. For the most part, when it comes to pants, the only ones I dryclean are those that are 100% wool (or the majority percentage is wool) and could be described as "dress pants" or "suit pants" - professional pressing and cleaning is a combination I cannot duplicate for those pants. The Hudson pants are 90% cotton and the Alfred Sung Costco pants are polyester and elasticine. Their labels both suggest a delicate cold water machine wash with similar colours, hanging to dry or tumble dry and ironing with a low iron if needed. If your iron has a "synthetics" setting, that would be considered "low". The Alfred Sung pants appear not to need any ironing and I would modify the "ironing" to inside out on the Theory and Hudson pants. I just washed the Theory pants, nothing bad happened and they look fine.

One of the reasons I iron my pants inside out is to prevent that "shine" which occurs when your iron is too hot for the fabric composition. To be on the safe side, anything that has nylon, elasticine or spandex in it should be ironed inside out. My guess is that the nylon, etc. has a lower melting point and those fibres will melt and create the shine. I may be wrong but it's a thought. Some will suggest using an ironing cloth, a cotton or linen piece to place on the fabric you are ironing so that the iron does not touch the clothing item directly. Good use for an old linen shirt or cotton t-shirt.

Another inside out ironing tip is to iron the zipper area and the seams open flat (if they aren't stitched together that is). This provides a flat finished look rather than the crumple you sometimes see at the seams or zippers.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Following Jewellery Trends for Spring 2013

Spring "Greens" for Spring 2013


Turquoise embellishing large chain links for Spring, 2013.
One of the reasons I have not been blogging over the past month is that I am preparing for a spring show in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and now that it is a week away, I pretty much only have to price my wares and make a piece or two to round out the choices. I am leaving via Vancouver where I will spend a couple of days and maybe pick up some jewellery findings and semi-precious stones. Of course, the basis of my work is in turquoise and sometimes a piece evolves from whatever components sit and stare at me for a significant amount of time. And so it was with this piece as I pondered how to use the last of the big link chain and a 6 pack of turquoise donuts. I do not buy much in mass amounts just because it forces me to be unique in my designs. Unfortunately when someone asks if I can make them another exactly like "this one", my answer is often no.

Semi-precious green stone with oversized spheres for Spring, 2013.
Although I find turquoise something of a chameleon that can be worn with many different colours and outfits, green, according to Panetone, is the colour for Spring, 2013 and so I created a few in the jade tones and some lighter shades of green.

Over the past five years of making jewellery, I have noticed that statement necklaces are becoming a basic rather than just a trend. More women are choosing big and bold and the statement necklace is becoming a "must have" necklace. I have been making pieces with large links, huge chains and over-sized beads for a good while and just when I think that the more delicate will overtake the "trend of the moment", Chanel (see slide 61 on the Harpers Bazaar link) places giant pearly baubles at the wrist and at the neck, as they did again for the spring of 2013. It doesn't seem to matter whether it is night or day, the statement pieces are being worn at work and play. Even a t-shirt and jeans become a palette for the artistry and design of a signature piece.

Just be advised that with all the "bigness" in both earrings and necklaces in the spring of 2013, keep the clothing simple and understated.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Spring 2013: Colours

Last fall's colours blend into spring 2013

Choices: Green or Blue?

Note-Worthy           No Thanks           

Last fall I suggested you buy some t-shirts in colbalt blue, orange and emerald. Aren't you glad you didn't buy head to toe orange? Mind you "tangerine tango" was the 2012 colour of the year as proclaimed by Panetone, a commercial conglomerate dedicated to producing colour for print, fabric and anywhere else colour is needed.

Blue tops purchased on sale in fall, 2012 and winter, 2013
Panetone is calling "emerald" its colour of the year for 2013. This spring, you might want to look for a skirt, baggy Bermuda shorts or pants in the tones of the green top or t-shirt that you bought last fall. But if you were like me, you may have chosen the blue instead and bought a top or two in that colbalt colour last fall.

The Panetone colours for Spring 2013 have been determined as emerald, tender shoots, greyed jade, dusk blue, Monaco blue, African violet, lemon zest,  nectarine, linen, and poppy red. Cobalt blue has been toned down to dusk blue and Monaco blue, a slightly less electrifying shade than colbalt; orange is now nectarine and emerald is still emerald although there are at least two other green tones for the spring: tender shoots and greyed jade. 

Note-Worthy: If the 2013 Academy Awards was any indication, there was a smattering of blue in the "colour" choices within a predominantly pale palette, short of the black and red that is. Nothing "green" stands out. If anything, blue came through more strongly than green. I don't believe that's a big surprise because I believe that, for the most part, blue is easier to wear than green and will "last" longer in your wardrobe. Not that any of these women (or the little girl) would dream to wear any of these dresses again.

Blue Gowns at the 2013 Academy Awards. Retrieved from on March 4, 2013
Note-Worthy & No Thanks: I have purchased greens in the past: a lime green short boxy blazer, a wool "suit" in dark forest green with trousers, and a pale mint green silk suit with baggy pants and a pencil skirt with a blazer. I love that silk suit and it is still in my stash of "old closet stuff" that may once again see the light of day. The jacket and wool suit are also still in my closet but are not appealing enough to try to resuscitate. Of course, I always had something green to wear on St. Patrick's Day. In conclusion, for me, even though I have owned green in the past, it now would be considered a no thanks.

Nice: So what's my choice? It is obvious isn't it.